New The little Bayraktar was shot down. This is the very first loss given that the start of the war

In Ukraine, not just big Turkish Bayraktar TB2 drones function, however likewise little monitoring structures that Ukraine got free of charge at the start of the war. We describe what the Turkish mini of the popular drone can do.

Ukraine utilizes a great deal of light unmanned aerial systems, beginning with domestic designs such as the PD-2, and ending with foreign designs such as the Bayraktar Mini, the Polish FlyEye or the Lithuanian EOS C VTOL. In addition, all kinds of business drones and ballistic rockets, such as the Polish Warmates or the American Switchblade 300, are likewise utilized in the reconnaissance function.

Bayraktar Mini– a little Russian dream

Unlike their bigger equivalents, this drone weighing less than 5 kg can not damage targets by itself, however it can provide lethal weapon fire to them. Ukraine was to get 24 of these drones at first, and The image above is the very first documented loss. One drone lost throughout half a year of combating shows the Turkish style is difficult to find and resistant to interception.

The load consists of a day/ night cam just repaired in both airplanes, and the flight speed remains in the variety of 55-74 km/ h. Note that this is a reconnaissance drone, not a ballistic rocket, and in its viewpoint it is just to discover and track the opponent.

The drone can remove “by hand” and can land by itself on a long runway. If the surface does not enable, the drone can utilize the integrated parachute to come down securely.

Przemysław Juraszek, reporter of Wirtualna Polska


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