New The Mercedes A-Class might not have a follower

Despite the reality that Mercedes A-class in Europe alone in 2021 discovered 118,439 purchasers, the tiniest design of the German maker might not have a direct follower. The factor? An altering market with the German concentration on high-end cars.

The existing generation of the A-class debuted in 2018 at the Geneva Motor Show, and in the very first complete year of sales, as numerous as 198,926 individuals shopped it. This is an exceptional outcome, which can not be duplicated later on. While in 2020 this automobile got 158,955 purchasers, in 2015– and 40,516 less.

The methodical decrease in sales is simply among the reasons Mercedes can not establish a follower to the A-class. The 2nd is, due to the issue of semiconductors, the switch of the German producer to high-end cars, which brought a high revenue margin in 2021 compared to2020 year.

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While in 2020 net revenue reached EUR 4.0 billion, in 2021– it increased to EUR 14.2 billion! On the other hand, worldwide sales fell from 2,461,884 to 2,330,169 of traveler and vans (the information does not consist of trucks).

Unknown fate of class A

From this fact comes another. Well, in a current conference of Mercedes management and financiers, it was recommended that the A-class might not see a follower. This was verified by Holger Enzemann– job supervisor of the EV2 electrical platform utilized in the EQE and EQS designs– in an interview with a British publication. Auto Express.

We spoke about the A-class and we are still thinking about the subject of its follower. It will not be developed on the EV2 platform as it is planned for bigger automobiles. You can be sure that there will be a brand-new compact Mercedes in the future.

Holger Enzemann

The Mercedes EQS in the 450+ version has a variety of approximately 766 km (according to the WLTP requirement).

The German brand name’s present variety now consists of the electrical EQA, a compact crossover. It was developed on the MFA2 platform, which is likewise the basis of the existing A-class. And although the compact hatchback sector in Europe is still incredibly popular, in 2021, 7 out of 10 designs in the top 10 reduced in sales.

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On the other hand, little off-road cars such as the Mercedes GLA/ EQA and Co. ended up being more popular in 2015. In contrast, just 3 out of 10 designs in the leading 10 sales did even worse than a year back.

Mercedes EQA
The electrical Mercedes EQA presently costs a minimum of PLN 216,100

Added to this is the concern of establishing brand-new platforms. The next MB.EA, anticipated in 2025, is prepared to be devoted to medium and big electrical automobiles.

A brand-new kind of range?

However, the MMA platform (Mercedes Modular Architecture) promises for the follower of the A-class. It is created for cars of the so-called “high-end entry” section, i.e. front-wheel drive designs. It ought to be created not just for electrical lorries, however likewise for combustion engines.

But that’s not all, due to the fact that a brand-new software architecture called MB.OS will be introduced with the MMA platform in2024

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The very first cars and truck, according to MMA and MB.OS, will be revealed for the very first time in2024 It is anticipated to be a competitor to the Volkswagen ID.3, although not always in the crossover sector. Future Mercedes designs are not anticipated to be direct followers to the A, B or CLA classes.

Mercedes A-Class Sedan
In Mercedes’ presently puffed up compact design variety, for instance, the A-Class sedan and the sportier four-door CLA appear side by side.

There are most likely to be brand-new style lines that will be placed in a different way to much better fit the Mercedes EQ electrical variety. In addition, their number will be decreased from 7 to 4, because, as we stated previously, Germany will concentrate on big, glamorous and rewarding cars.


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