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New There is no time at all to rest with a wise business vehicle

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It is linked to self-awareness

When business cars stop, business stop. No billings to send out, increased wait times and disappointed consumers. Keeping business lorries on the roadway is really essential for the business. FordLiive turns a common industrial vehicle into a linked, self-aware and wise industrial vehicle. Crucial info about, for instance, upkeep status is shown the owner and, if preferred, likewise straight with the garage.

Little rest time

Downtime is the 3rd biggest expenditure in a fleet and a clever business vehicle can decrease that time. With FordLiive, the cars and truck understands when upkeep is required and can signify this through an app or software bundle. Routine upkeep and MOT can be pre-arranged around the business vehicle’s work schedule. Whatever to guarantee that the vehicle does not stop still when it ought to work.

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Smart upkeep

In the occasion of a repair work, triage can currently be begun from another location. By finding reported faults from another location, the Ford Transit Center can discover the very best service to preserve client movement. Repair work or replacement parts might be prepared prior to the industrial vehicle comes to the garage. Whatever waste less time to work as possible.

A little ship

For consumers with smaller sized fleets, there is Ford Pass Pro. An application in which the business’s modern-day vehicle can be tracked and offer helpful info. For bigger fleets there is Ford Telematics; a big software bundle that supplies understanding throughout the board from any area on the planet. No more brochures with upkeep stamps, or dates that have actually to be copied into the calendar. The app supplies an introduction of the vehicle’s condition at any time.

In the occasion of a blowout or other breakdown, a call to Ford Pro Service is all it requires to get you back on the roadway as rapidly as possible. It occurs at any time of the day or night. Ford Transit Centers have opening hours to fit your hectic work week.

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So the brand-new Ford business cars are not just wise in themselves, however thanks to the series of services, they can likewise be readily available to you more frequently and for a longer time period. Would like to know what Ford Pro can do for you?


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