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What caused Rene Rast’s separation from Audi Motorsport?
Dennis Rostek: Other specifications have actually altered at the exact same time. In our firm, we have a treatment to examine each of our motorists every 3 months: Where do we stand now? Where do we wish to go? Are we still pursuing the exact same objectives? This is likewise the case with Rene and obviously the important things that were dripped at the end of in 2015 were not concealed from us. Such as the possibility of Audi getting in Formula 1 and the debate in the LMDh task this year, which Rene meant. Naturally there have actually likewise been modifications in personnel, which have actually been really crucial challenges for us over the last few years.

What occurred next?
Dennis Rostek: We questioned if the future with Rene at Audi is still as prepared, or if something else might take place. There were indications that it was required to look carefully at where Audi’s journey was going. After the outcomes, we chose to check out the marketplace to see what chances there may be for Rene. We worked hard on it.

Why was the break up at the end of the season provided on Tuesday of this week?
Dennis Rostek: We have upcoming elections that will be revealed quickly. And you can just begin something brand-new when the old thing is over. In order not to offer reports about the location of breeding, we selected this time. Rene can for that reason now totally concentrate on the remainder of the 2022 DTM season– with Audi as a partner.

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How did the separation from Audi go?
Dennis Rostek: We parted in a spirit of cooperation and regard, as I have actually pertained to value from all the years at Audi. Huge credit goes to Rolf Michl (COO of Audi Sport, ed.), with whom I worked out the termination of the agreement.

Photo: Audi Communications Motorsport
Photo: Audi Communications Motorsport

Rene’s agreement with Audi Motorsport was just extended at the end of in 2015 …
Dennis Rostek: At that time we had an existing agreement and in reality there was no requirement for an extension, which was required due to the LMDh task being delayed. The plan accomplished the impact that Rene’s last agreement must have had. We wished to age at Audi. With an agreement extension in 2015, we took a look at what completion of Rene’s profession would resemble.

Were information talked about after his racing profession?
Dennis Rostek: We discussed the possibilities. The crucial thing was how to continue after the task and when this phase starts.

Were there actually likewise conversations about consisting of Rene in a possible Formula 1 program for Audi, for instance relating to simulation work?
Dennis Rostek: That was never ever raised to us.

And what about the Dakar Rally, which Audi has referred to as the peak of motorsport?
Dennis Rostek: As a number of you understand, the rally is something really unique to me. I heard really early that something in the field of off-road sports might originate from Audi. I spoke to Rene about it however he could not think of that time in his racing profession.

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Photo: Audi Communications Motorsport
Photo: Audi Communications Motorsport

Should motorsport fans be stressed that Rene, like Sebastian Vettel, who has to do with 8 months older than Rast, may now likewise end his profession?
Dennis Rostek: I can guarantee you that Rene will not complete his task now. The concern is how long he desires to continue. It is extremely essential to see how his profession will continue after motorsport which time has actually come. We described that a while back at Audi. If you are about to make a modification, you need to reconsider your objectives.

After completion of the Class 1 period in the DTM, Rene drove the 2021 season for the Audi works group in Formula E. Is the electrical racing series the topic of a possible return?
Dennis Rostek: Not just us, however likewise numerous groups from Formula E have actually examined Rene. There are specific specifications in which he has actually revealed above typical efficiency. Couple of Formula E groups signed up that. In the future, efficiency will be the most fundamental part for the success anticipated with the brand-new Gen3 racing automobile. When we surveyed the marketplace, we likewise took a look at Formula E.

Has Rene currently signed a brand-new agreement?
Dennis Rostek: I can’t verify that. We have 3 choices, perhaps even 4 and we remain in the discovery stage.

Photo: SEEN PHOTOS 2020
Photo: SEEN PHOTOS 2020
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Rene has stated a number of times in the past that he sees his future– as prepared by Audi and the LMDh job– in the long term. How does that fit in with the present reports that he could go back to Formula E in the brand-new Formula E group McLaren?
Dennis Rostek: That’s what he stated. At the time his long-lasting future with Audi appeared specific. We do not talk about reports and reports on the subject of Formula E.

However, we need to ask a fascinating concern if, as we have spoken with numerous sources, Rene can sign 2 agreements?
Dennis Rostek: No remark.

Not just Rene is leaving Audi, however likewise previous works supervisor Andreas Roos and the effective WRT group, with whom Rene won the 24 hour race at Spa, have actually parted methods with Audi and employed them at BMW to collectively establish the LMDh task. there. How is your relationship?
Dennis Rostek: We have actually worked well together in the past and have a really friendly relationship. I hope that never ever modifications.

Photo: Personal
Photo: Personal

So it’s not surprising that reports about a possible relocate to BMW are doing the rounds …
Dennis Rostek: No remark.

Will Rene drive the WEC season ending in Bahrain for WRT after avoiding the next round at Fuji in favor of the DTM, which likewise goes to Spa?
Dennis Rostek: We believe that Rene will begin in Bahrain. We are presently not knowledgeable about any other choice.


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