New Timo Bernhard: This is how the Porsche story wins the DTM/ DTM

In an interview, far away legend Timo Bernhard speaks about the unique task as a group employer, why he does not seem like group manager conferences and what the future strategies are.

Timo Bernhard, how does it feel not just to be the cars world champ, today likewise the DTM winner?

It’s still psychological and a huge offer. There are a lot of viewpoints. The news I have actually gotten from the world of automobile racing and from Porsche is merely terrific and incredible. It wasn’t constantly a straight roadway for our racing group, however a roadway with a great deal of resistance. Triumph was another measurement.

What is harder: being a group supervisor or a driver?

As a driver it is more enjoyable, as a group manager it is harder. As a driver you fix a great deal of things on your own, you are close and you remain in the tunnel. As in charge of the group, you have a larger function, however in truth you are simply a guest on the pit wall. It’s a totally various sensation, more psychological. And more tough.

What are the difficulties?

You need to feel what the group requires, whether it’s heat or strength, while likewise making undesirable choices. You must set an example of what you wish to attain and what you represent. I concur: I believed things might go quicker. I am really restless and I needed to find out that: as a driver you can execute things rapidly, the group requires time.

Is success as a group employer worth more than that as a driver?

That’s tough to compare. I’m attempting to separate that. As a driver, you can have more affect on success. As a group leader, it is more multi-faceted and complex. Truly: the success offers me a lot back, I ignored a little. At the Norisring, stars like Walter Röhrl, Rainer Braun and Hans-Joachim Stuck remained in the ring with us and praised us– that’s the emphasize.

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What is the trick of success to be in front as a group employer?

We are not trendy or marketing, we are run by a timeless household company. We live and enjoy motorsport. We do not have the greatest spending plan and we need to do it in a different way. My moms and dads are still included, my sis is the group supervisor and I have general obligation and oversight. The secret is spending plan management.

Is the household happy with what you have attained?

Everyone ought to enjoy. My oldest child still got LMP1 time, wins and titles. He when stated: ‘When will you win once again? A link is absolutely nothing. Success is excellent once again at this moment, however the bar is now set high once again. My sibling was the very first to hug him after the unifying success. My daddy does not truly like appreciation tunes, he stated: ‘It worked well’. (laughs) But I understand that he commemorates and is happy when inquired about success. And mommy is the excellent spirit of the group.

As a group leader you have a number of tasks, you are a financing minister, a psychologist, a supervisor or a political leader. What do you like to do and what do you do not like doing at all?

I do not like group supervisor conferences at all, my sibling does them (laughs). It benefits groups to exchange concepts. Truthfully, I can invest 2 hours more effectively. What’s fascinating: getting something like a DTM program together takes a lot of work. And get more efficiency, integrating my experience with the viewpoints of a driver and an engineer. When that equates into excellent outcomes, that’s extremely rewarding.

Can you provide an example?

We didn’t have an excellent weekend at the Lausitzring. Prior to the occasion in Imola, I beinged in the automobile myself on the test day and I wished to utilize the experience that I utilized to develop cars for Porsche to offer motivation. Improvements were currently noticeable in Imola. The bottom line was 2 or 3 tenths of a 2nd, however in the DTM that’s 10 tenths. That’s something I can truly affect.

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What about a specific visitor debuting in the DTM?

The lap time wasn’t bad (laughs). Even though I have actually never ever completed in the DTM, it most likely will not occur this year. At the minute we have a larger job ahead of us, which can just sidetrack. Since I understand what it’s like when desire comes (laughs). In the link, the scenario is not so great.

What are the secrets to success in DTM?

You require a trained group, due to the fact that the preparation of the cars and truck needs to be exact. You require a driver that fits the format due to the fact that it’s a huge duty to have the cars and truck by yourself and get those last hundredths of a 2nd. And: The race weekend is brief, you need to be versatile and able to make fast choices.

Why was Thomas Preining selected as the driver?

I absolutely wished to have a Porsche works driver. Thomas was among the primary prospects since he drove for us in2021 Even if he has no experience in one phase or another, it was fascinating to me that he has speed which the structure matches him. Whatever exists in regards to capacity, there will be more of it.

So was the relocation from GT Masters to DTM the ideal one for the group?

Yes, it was the ideal choice. As a racing group, we have actually been doing it meticulously and step by action. DTM is more costly, it’s harder, it’s advanced– in retrospection it was a sensible action for us.

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Is DTM likewise on the best track with GT3 policies?

Yes, since the technique will continue to use different choices in the future. Above all, you must beware that the spiral in the budget plan does not go too far. Expenses need to stay within a structure that permits as lots of groups as possible to begin.

How hard is it to raise a spending plan and just how much does your name and success aid?

We do not have the greatest budget plan, however what truly assists are strong collaborations, a few of which I’ve had for 15 years. These consist of, for instance, KÜS and Ursapharm. These partners do not concern, they are included with sensations. It has actually ended up being more hard to discover brand-new partners. Service has actually ended up being harder. We are all pleased to invite brand-new partners like PAUL Tech. AG on board considering that this year.

Is a 2nd automobile worth the 2023 spending plan?

We took the DTM function extremely seriously and at first wished to concentrate on simply one cars and truck in the very first year. A 2nd automobile is the objective, that would be fantastic. In regards to style, we might do it competitively. In the end it likewise depends on the cash.

For 2023 there is a brand-new Porsche 911 GT3 R. How do you manage that as a group?

I do not wish to state that you are going back to square one, however it is a brand-new obstacle. It brings much better chances, however you need to comprehend the vehicle as quickly as possible and adjust it to the requirements of the driver. That takes a little time.


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