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New Used Mitsubishi ASX (from 2010)

Mitsubishi ASX made its launching more than 10 years earlier, and up until just recently it has actually handled to discover purchasers in the secondary and main markets. Why is it so popular? Here are some utilized Mitsubishi ASX owner evaluations.

The Mitsubishi ASX is a genuine thing. It has actually remained in production considering that 2010 and still discovers purchasers all over the world The maker, nevertheless, “does not rest” and continuously updates his European favorite. Far he has actually done it 3 facelifts, the last of which plainly looked like the ASX for the 2018 coupe-style SUV– the Eclipse Cross. Mitsubishi fit the client’s taste so well that significant modifications were not needed. A couple of months earlier, nevertheless, this design vanished from the Polish variation and therefore it is hard to discover a similarly streamlined SUV, which is still being produced. The ASX has compact measurements (length 430 cm) however the wheelbase is the exact same as that of the bigger Outlander II (267 cm), so you will be shocked by the quantity of area inside. ground clearance of just 17 cm is one of the tiniest in its class, although this is not a bad thing– 4 × 4 drive is just readily available in every 8 ASX revealed. The cars and truck belongs to the innovation base of the PSA issue: it drew from it, for instance, a 1.6-liter turbo diesel. This relationship is likewise validated by sales in 2012-2017 twin designs– Citroen C4 Aircross and Peugeot 4008 Their market share is little.

Mitsubishi ASX
The rear part of the body altered less than the front part. The next facelift brought brand-new headlights or a bumper style.

In regards to design, the Mitsubishi ASX did not have absolutely nothing. There were numerous defects: the large front apron intensifies the airiness of the body, skimpy on anti-corrosion defense body and chassis. How is the mechanical part? What fails in an utilized Mitsubishi ASX?

Compare Mitsubishi ASX and Nissan Qashqai

Mitsubishi ASX
4 × 4 drive with digitally engaged rear axle is offered in all ASX engines other than … the most popular 1.6 MIVEC.

Used Mitsubishi ASX– interior

The cockpit of the Mitsubishi ASX altered the like the front part of the body. There were increasingly more screens with subsequent facelifts, however likewise plastics that were not extremely enjoyable to the touch, eg the surface under the guiding wheel. Other devices likewise did not impress with the quality: it is great that a minimum of a great deal of weight is put on the assembly. Far from small ergonomic mistakes, like the a/c panel behind the equipment lever, the style of the cockpit can be thought about a success: the operation of the ASX does not include the driver excessive. On the plus side, the practically instinctive operation does not take long to get utilized to. Individuals moving the Mistubishi SUV from an old automobile will feel right in your home.

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The Mitsubishi compact SUV sits really high– which is specifically bothering for taller users. Chairs with a somewhat much shorter seat are not uninteresting every day, although the quality of the upholstery raises the issue of numerous users (it spots and fades). The ASX can be effectively dealt with as a household vehicle, it can likewise accommodate 4 grownups. Other pluses the automobile gathers with a great view (for an SUV) and a shapely baggage compartment with a capability of l419 Plus for 2 floorings, compartments for little things and hooks for shopping bags.

Used Mitsubishi ASX– engine

The longest “profession” in the Mitsubishi ASX engine variety can boast initial system aspirated 1.6 and MIVEC valve timing. Low power ( KM 117) it does not interfere with the smooth operation of the ASX in metropolitan conditions, furthermore, the engine is pleased with about 7-8 l/ 100 km and does not struggle with any regular disorders. Prior to choosing to set up the gas setup, we alert you about the requirement to change the valve clearances every 40 thousand km. The engine was simply shut off in 2019 on behalf of 150 hp 2.0 MIVEC A 2-liter variation likewise discovered its method under the hoods of the ASX offered in the United States market as the Mitsubishi Outlander Sport.

Mitsubishi ASX - 1.6 MIVEC engine
The 1.6 gas engine reacts voluntarily to gas and does not trigger severe problems. It deserves altering the oil in it more frequently than suggested by the maker, for instance, every 15,000, not 20,000 e.g.

When picking Mitsubishi diesel motor, we have an option of 3 engines: from PSA 1.6 DI-D (114 hp; just 2015-17) and Mitsubishi exclusive designs, ie 1.8 DI-D and 2.2 DI-D(all after 150 hp) The very first of them takes place typically, the 2nd is a genuine “foreign” in our nation due to high tax rates. Unlike the gasoline variations, the diesels got a 6-speed transmission and each can be additionally integrated with 4 × 4 cars and truck(in 2.2 DI-D– serial). The Japanese clan increases the expenses of producing these systems, which, after surpassing 200,000 eg it will need replacement or restoring of the double mass flywheel, diesel particle filter or injectors.

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Used Mitsubishi ASX (from 2010)– which engine to pick?

Mitsubishi ASX - 1.8 DID engine
Customers seldom picked turbodiesel, and if currently, 1.8 DI-D. It is likewise a long period of time, however extra parts– more costly than rivals in Europe.

Used Mitsubishi ASX– user evaluations


” The automobile is enjoyable to drive, well created for convenience and toughness”

” Fun cockpit operation, all buttons are well considered”

” The cars and truck has an easy style, so you can securely service it outside an authorized service center”

” The quality of the interior products is excellent. The plastic does not emit and the color does not fade”


” I have a 5-speed transmission. It can utilize various equipments– 3rd and 4th are too long”

” There is inadequate area above the head in the back. I anticipated a larger trunk”

” The vehicle does not sound well– the engine vibrates and interrupts from 3,000 sales. Driving on the highway is not enjoyable “

Used Mitsubishi ASX– failure rate, common mistakes

The purchase of a turbodiesel 1.8/ 2.2 DI-D deserves thinking about– worn out engines will rapidly start to produce high expenses (brand-new turbocharger– PLN 2,000, brand-new dual-mass wheel– PLN 2,500). Operating expenses will be lowered to a minimum with the 1.6 gas which, additionally, was just linked to the front vehicle. Users report often Difficulty picking equipments and shrieking when you toss them in, along with the typical sturdiness of the brake discs and pads. The ASX’s greatest issue, as befits a Japanese automobile, is … rust. The body attacks a little, however from listed below it shows up practically all over: on the exhaust, flooring and suspension components. In the future, this might suggest problems when changing, for instance, bolts or joints of stability and setting geometry. After purchasing an utilized Mitsubishi ASX, it’s worth buying excellent anti-rust defense.

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Mitsubishi ASX
The ASX’s suspension and exhaust system are normally “tolerant” of high mileage, however loosening up taken and rusted screws can be an obstacle for mechanics.

Used Mitsubishi ASX– where is the VIN number?

The VIN number was marked on the bulkhead (picture). It is likewise on a sticker label on the ideal center pillar (near the traveler seat).

Mitsubishi ASX VIN number

Used Mitsubishi ASX– market condition

Prices of inexpensive ASX without mishap fell listed below 30 thousand. PLN (around PLN 25-28,000). A totally free choice of well-decorated cars from prior to the lift or after the very first modernization occurs in the quantity of 35-40 thousand. zlotys In Between 45 and 55 thousand PLN is controlled by ASXs from 2012-2015(runs 100-150,000 km). Cars after the 2nd modernization in 2016 are more pricey (PLN 60-75 thousand) Cars after the 3rd surface area nearly do not discover their method to the secondary market. Less than 1/3 of the ASX has a diesel motor under the hood, and 1/8– 4 × 4 drive.

Used Mitsubishi ASX– summary

The structurally straightforward ASX usually uses users foreseeable and safe efficiency without much monetary sacrifice. The reality that the design is still legitimate on the main market (although it is no longer used in Poland) causes a moderate drop in cost, however likewise simple selling. When trying to find an utilized Mitsubishi ASX, it’s much better to concentrate on devices than engine power.

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Long range test (120,000 km) 2011 Mitsubishi ASX 1.6

Mitsubishi ASX

Mitsubishi ASX– measurements, freight capability
Height width height 430/177/162 cm
The base of the wheels 267 centimeters
Cargo compartment capability 419-1220 l
Mitsubishi ASX– technical information, efficiency, fuel usage
Engine 1.6 MIVEC 2.0 16 V 1.6 DI-D 1.8 DI-D 2.2 DI-D
Ability 1590 cm ³ 1998cm ³ 1560cm ³ 1798cm ³ 2268cm ³
Oil Benz. Benz. turbodiesel turbodiesel turbodiesel
Strong 117 hp 150 hp 114 hp 150 hp 150 hp
Torque 154 Nm 197 Nm 270 Nm 300 Nm 360 Nm
Acceleration 0-100 km/ h 114 s 105 seconds 112 s 102 s 108 seconds
Speed 183 km/ h 200 km/ h 182 km/ h 188 km/ h 190 km/ h
Wednesday fuel intake 5.9 l/ 100 km 8.4 l/ 100 km 4.6 l/ 100 km 5.5 l/ 100 km 5.8 l/ 100 km

Used Mitsubishi ASX– gallery


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