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New Used Suzuki Vitara (LY; from 2015)

Despite being a metropolitan crossover, the Vitara has an off-road spirit. Let’s learn the viewpoint about utilized Suzuki Vitara (LY).

Suzuki Vitara is a widely known cars and truck for a very long time. Its history started at the end of the 1980 s– then it was an off-road vehicle (according to the frame), it is likewise readily available in a 3-door leisure variation. Over the years, the Vitara approached “automobile” structurally and grew Much so that later generations were called Grand Vitara– along with the popular design from 2005-2014 Later on, Suzuki once again got rid of the word “Grand” from the name, however likewise positioned the brand-new Vitara in the metropolitan crossover section. For this factor, it is hard to approximate which generation of Vitary is the vehicle explained in this post. For the sake of difference it deserves keeping in mind about it technical number (LY) Launched considering that2015 Vitara measurements fit in between city and little cars. Approx. The length of 4.2 m might not be much, however just 2.5 m of wheelbase advises us that it is far from being a household automobile. Compared to the bigger and more costly SX4 S-Cross, it likewise stands apart with the interior surface (really bad), the sound insulation level and … the density of the body sheets, which, nevertheless, do not have an unfavorable impact on guest security. Vitara was offered with a couple of fuel and turbodiesel engines (not on the Polish market). Significantly, all systems were additionally linked by Nice AllGrip 4WD Regardless of this reality, Vitar 4 × 4 is apart in categorized advertisements, which does not alter the truth that they deserve trying to find.

SUZUKI Vitara II 1.6 VVT 120KM 6AT AWD AllGrip WB2174L 10-2015
In the AllGrip automobile, the multi-plate electro-magnetic clutch is accountable for the circulation of torque in between the axles. The system has a blockade, which disengages, nevertheless, after going beyond 60 km/ h or after overheating of the cars and truck. An unique knob on the control panel is attended to operation. The ground clearance was set with regard to 18.5 cm.

Suzuki Vitara is ending up being much easier to purchase pre-owned, although still for a great deal of cash (minimum PLN 50,000). How is the reliability of the Japanese crossover produced in Hungary? Do the pros surpass the cons? Here are evaluations of the utilized Suzuki Vitara (LY).

Suzuki Vitara 1.4 Hybrid AllGrip Elegance Sun– our test

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SUZUKI Vitara II XLED 1.6 VVT 120KM 5MT AWD AllGrip WB4815K 03-2015
The Vitara’s spending plan nature is most obvious in its habits on the highway. They can feel the shortage in the chassis (the driver has to make changes to keep the automobile on the ideal track) and fairly separated from external sound.

Used Suzuki Vitara (LY)– interior

Vitary’s cockpit style concentrates on efficiency and ergonomics. It has lots of buttons– whether on the center console, on the panel to the left of the guiding wheel, or on the guiding wheel itself. From the start, a multimedia system with a touch screen was used, however it has actually obsoleted graphics and an improperly thought-out user interface.: As an outcome, “working it” requires time. Even the 2018 facelift design didn’t assist much in this regard. The surface can be referred to as appropriate as long as one endures the supremacy of difficult products. The board is perked up with vibrant themes, consisting of. mesh borders or guiding wheel appliqués An elegant clock at the top of the cockpit is a good addition in this class of cars and truck.

Thanks to the “box” body. Short and not too large wheels do not offer the impression of a difficult automobile at all It is likewise due to the excellent height (more than 1.6 m). It equates into considerable headroom, just interrupted by the optional glass roofing system set up on some cars. The sofas and seats are well organized to fit motorists with an unwinded driving design. Everybody, in turn, will value the excellent view from inside the Suzuki, supplied by the big side windows. The travel luggage compartment draws from 375 to 1,120 liters Excellent functions (basic shape, different parts for little things) somewhat interrupt the surface of the walls and preliminary plastics. A smooth surface area after folding the bed can be attained just with the flooring in the upper position.

Used Suzuki Vitara (LY)– engine

The Vitary variety resembles the Suzuki SX4 S-Cross. One engine of easy style was maintained, viz naturally aspirated 1.6 with a power of 120 hp It is the just one in the variety to utilize multi-point fuel injection– in turbocharged engines Boosterjet direct injection has actually currently been utilized. These consist of 2 systems: 1.0 Boosterjet (111 hp) and 1.4 Boosterjet (140 hp) likewise offered in the Mild Hybrid range ( KM 129; a bit to the excess called by Suzuki “complete” Hybrid). This variation, nevertheless, made its launching at the time of writing (early 2022)– based upon a 1.5 fuel engine, with an overall power of 115 HP. At the minute, it is challenging to state anything about it, however about the microhybrid– yes. The electrical “booster” does not minimize fuel usage much, however it considerably enhances the characteristics of the vehicle. and the operation of the Start and Stop system. Till 2018 (comparable to 1.6 gasoline), just turbodiesel in the variation was offered– 1.6 DDiS/ 120 KM which is in fact a Fiat design (MultiJet). It is just additionally and additionally consisted of with a TCSS dual-clutch transmission (6 speeds), while other engines currently have a basic “automated”. It can be set up with AllGrip storage

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SUZUKI Vitara II 1.6 VVT 120KM 6AT AWD AllGrip WB2174L 10-2015
The end of the basic 1.6 remained in2018 Ever since, just Boosterjet systems stay on sale.
SUZUKI Vitara II 1.4BoosterJet 140KM 6AT AWD AllGrip WB6219L 02-2016
1.4 Boosterjet in 2020 saw a Mild Hybrid variation (129 HP). In January 2022, the deal was finished with a “complete hybrid” (1.5 Hybrid).

Used Suzuki Vitara (LY) user evaluations


” Many motorists will like it: young– due to the fact that it looks great, old– since it’s simple to drive”

” Even without a cars and truck, Allgrip Vitara has great off-road efficiency. And it effectively gets rid of curbs”

” A body without unneeded plates that block the view. A big part of the glass”

” Easy replacement of the cabin and air filters. I didn’t anticipate it in a brand-new vehicle “


” It’s difficult to see what’s on the program menu. You should miss out on getting an unique choice”

” Chassis– enhanced. I do not feel safe driving the Vitara on the highway”

” The blocky interior is put together from inexpensive, low-grade products”

” Assisted driving obviously. It’s simply great for the city”

Used Suzuki Vitara (LY)– failure rate, common faults

Used Vitars have actually taken a trip far too couple of kilometers to plainly recognize their engine problems. They are naturally and favorably amazed by the outcomes of fuel usage (even gasoline). Objections stream towards Start and Stop system operation which begins the engine late. Numerous owners slam appropriate choice of equipments in manual transmission Inside, the plastic blows. The multimedia system has actually stopped working(detaches the connection with the smart device, hangs or switches off), and in bad weather condition Security systems “go nuts”(generally due to contamination of the sensing units found on top of the vehicle). There are currently reports of … chassis rust: naturally, it’s shallow at the minute, however it’s still worth thinking of the extra security of the Vitara. Users are reporting yet the rate of wear of the rear tires and an inadequate ventilation system around the windscreen.

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Suzuki Vitara II automatic transmission
Automatic transmission is a rarity in Vitara. In the future, greater expenses (due to natural wear) will be possible from the two-gear box set up on the diesel motor.

Used Suzuki Vitara (LY)– where is the VIN number?

The VIN is marked in the center of the big head. We can likewise read it from the recess on the control panel, on the.

Suzuki Vitara II VIN number

Used Suzuki Vitara (LY)– market condition, cost

Vitary dropped to 45 thousand. PLN, however the real budget plan is consisted of because quantity 50-60 thousand PLN: this suffices for a Suzuki from the start of production, with a 1.6/ 1.6 DDiS engine and about 150 thousand miles. e.g About 70 thousand. PLN there are cars with Boosterjet systems that have actually taken a trip 10s of countless kilometers. Smaller sized cars (2019 and 2020) are better to 80-85 thousand. zlotys. Many Vitars are front-wheel drive fuel variations with a manual transmission.

Overview of Used Suzuki Vitara (LY)

Vitara will interest individuals who anticipate an easy, however at the exact same time a modern-day vehicle, which varies bit from its competitors in regards to soundproofing or the quality of anti-corrosion defense. Technically, this design works perfectly and, understanding Suzuki’s track record, very little will alter in this regard. With great off-road ability!

The editors advise short articles about other utilized Suzukis:

Used Suzuki Grand Vitara II (2005-2014)– user evaluations

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SUZUKI Vitara II FL Premium 1.0BoosterJet 111KM 5MT AWD AllGrip WB5307S 02-2019

Suzuki Vitara (LY)– measurements, freight compartment capability
Height width height 418/178/161 cm
The base of the wheels 250 cm
Cargo compartment capability 375-1120 l
Suzuki Vitara (LY)– technical information, efficiency, fuel usage
Engine 1.0 Boosterjet 1.4 Boosterjet 1.4 Boosterjet 1.5 Hybrid 1.6 1.6 DDiS
Ability 998 cm ³ 1373cm ³ 1373cm ³ 1462cm ³ 1586cm ³ 1598cm ³
Oil benz., turbo benz., turbo benz., turbo Benz. + electrical power. Benz. turbodiesel
Strong 112 hp 129 KM 140 hp 102 + 33 hp (115 hp *) 120 hp 120 hp
Torque 170 Nm 235 Nm 220 Nm 138 Nm * 156 Nm 320 Nm
Acceleration 0-100 km/ h 115 seconds 9.5 seconds 9.5 seconds n/a 115 seconds 115 seconds
Speed 180 km/ h 190 km/ h 200 km/ h 180 km/ h 180 km/ h 180 km/ h
Wednesday fuel intake 5.3 l/ 100 km 4.6 l/ 100 km 5.2 l/ 100 km 5.3 l/ 100 km 5.3 l/ 100 km 4.0 l/ 100 km

overall worth

Used Suzuki Vitara (LY)– gallery


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