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New Volkswagen need in the stock exchange today– 01.04.22– News

Fri, 04/01/202210: 15 from Ariva

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A Volkswagen Polo. © Volkswagen AG

On the German stock exchange, Volkswagen shares (favored shares) are presently reasonably strong. The paper is presently noted for EUR15946

The cost of Volkswagen shares (favored shares) is now up 1.57%. Securities rates increased by 2.46 euros. The existing cost of the Volkswagen Safety is 159.46 euros. As an outcome, Volkswagen shares lead the Euro Stoxx 50 (Euro Stoxx 50). The Euro Stoxx 50 is presently at 3,910 points. This relates to a 0.20% boost. If Volkswagen stock increases more than 64.59% in the next couple of days, the stock will strike a brand-new all-time high. The greatest rate the security has actually reached to date is March 17,2015 Cost at the time: 262.45 euros.


Volkswagen AG is Europe’s biggest car manufacturer and among the world’s leading car manufacturers. Volkswagen focuses its activities on the vehicle service and supplies a broad and total variety of services along the whole worth chain, consisting of monetary services and funding. The group is structured in the vehicle and monetary services sectors. In the last , Volkswagen produced an earnings of 14.8 billion euros. Sales totaled up to 250 billion euros. Volkswagen prepares to release the current service figures on May 4,2022

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These are rival stocks

Volkswagen BMW Mercedes-Benz Group Nissan engine Tesla
course 15946 EUR7900 EUR 63.94 4.05 euros EUR97600
Performance 1.57 +0.51% +0.20% +0.76% +0.15%
market price 328 billion euros 476 billion euros 684 billion euros 158 billion euros 1.0 trillion.EUR

Here’s what experts are stating about Volkswagen stock

Volkswagen stock is covered by a number of experts.


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