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New Volkswagen Share: A brand-new collaboration!– Financial patterns

The 2 business have actually concurred strategies to utilize Volkswagen’s MEB electrical vehicle platform in the production of electrical SUV designs for India, the group reported on Monday. A production volume of over one million systems will be targeted throughout this duration, it stated. A binding purchase contract will be signed at the end of the year. In May, Volkswagen and Mahindra sealed a collaboration.

As Group Technology Director Thomas Schmall discussed in a video call, the focus here is electrical drives and battery cells, whose innovation Mahindra will get from Volkswagen. The desired strategy is likewise connected to the expectation of “substantial service outcomes,” highlighted the supervisor, without wishing to provide information. The very first MEB parts ought to appear in Mahindra lorries from 2024, discussed Ludwig Fazel, who is accountable for the sales platform for external clients at Volkswagen. In general, it is prepared that around 300,00 0 Mahindra cars will be fitted with VW parts every year.

Will VW enter into cell production?

The 2 business are likewise checking out other possible partnerships– other vehicle principles and even on-site production of battery cells. Opportunities that Volkswagen itself will intervene in cell production in India are not likely provided its long-lasting strategies, stated Schmall. In Europe, the business wishes to utilize an overall of 6 cell factories with partners, and Schmall stated that a minimum of one cell factory would need to be integrated in the United States to fulfill the growing need. Now let’s take a look at how VW compares to the remainder of the market.

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Volkswagen in the market contrast

Volkswagen shares have actually carried out -2463 percent over the past 12 months. Comparable stocks from the “Automotive” sector have actually increased by approximately 9.4 percent, which implies that Volkswagen underperformed by -3404 percent in the sector. The “Consumer Discretionary” sector has a typical return of 8.1 percent over the previous year. Volkswagen was 32.74 percent listed below this average. Underperformance in market and sector contrasts leads to a “sell” ranking by professionals in this classification. What is the cars and truck producer’s dividend yield?


Volkswagen: Dividends

From being paid dividends and the pertinent cost is utilized to determine the dividend yield. Volkswagen presently has a dividend yield of 5.09 percent. This yield is a little lower than the market average (” Automotive”) of 6.02 percent. With a distinction of just 0.93 portion points, this leads to a “hold” ranking from professionals in relation to dispersed dividends.

financier belief

In addition to difficult aspects such as balance sheet information, stock rates can likewise be examined utilizing soft aspects such as weather condition. Experts have actually taken a look at Volkswagen on social networks and evaluated whether the remarks or outcomes have actually been even worse. In addition, Volkswagen-related social networks users have actually gotten unfavorable subjects over the previous 2 days. The stock for that reason gets a “sell” score on this analysis. In addition, professionals have actually offered another evaluation by taking a look at trading signals. 7 signals really determined are offered (4 “Sell”, 3 “Buy”), which causes the examination of “Sell” at the trading signal level. Experts have actually pertained to the conclusion that Volkswagen need to be categorized as “Sell” based upon belief. It stays to be seen how things will advance with the car manufacturer in the future. Here you can find out more details about Volkswagen.

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What? How are Volkswagen AG shares doing?

  • Sales increase > 10%
    Increase in sales = 3.30%
  • EBIT rate > 10%
    EBIT Rate = 0.00%
  • Return on equity > 10%
    Return on equity = 0.00%
  • Cash circulation rate > 5%
    Cash circulation rate = 0.00%
  • KUV = 0.35
  • Debt Rate = 0.00%
  • RSI Relative Strength Index (RSI) = 70.38
  • Stochastic = 100.00

Volkswagen AG stock score since August 16, 2022– 2 out of 8 points!


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