New Volleys supervisor Niroomand prefers a velodrome conversion

Berlin The approaching departure of German basketball champ Alba Berlin from the Mercedes-Benz Arena puts volley ball champ BR Volleys under pressure. “Three groups in one place will not work. We currently have video game days where we can not play in the Schmeling Hall due to disturbance and we need to discover an option,” Volleys supervisor Kaweh Niroomand stated on the site rbb24 de. Volleys and Bundesliga club Füchse Berlin takes part in the Max-Schmeling-Halle, Alba has just one agreement at the Arena am Ostbahnhof for the next season.

The Senate is presently analyzing the actions for the conversion of the Max-Schmeling-Halle and the Velodrom, which the 69- year-old spokesperson of the expert clubs of Berlin invites: “In my viewpoint, it is likewise the proper way to think of the Velodrome, as the matching actions of conversions can be carried out there is a big 3rd hall.

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Niroomand sees developing a brand-new home as difficult. “Such things can take a very long time in Berlin. That’s why I believe, even if it hurts for one or the other, you need to think of altering what is currently there and has a great deal of requirements,” the supervisor stated, “that’s why it’s a clinical and useful to reconstruct the airport.”


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