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( Motorsport-Total. com)– Despite impressing in the 2022 Formula 1 winter season tests– both in Barcelona at the end of February and in Sakhir today– Ferrari remains in the brand-new The outlook for the season is still low. While the Ferrari F1-75 in the hands of Charles Leclerc and a young Carlos Sainz was quick and steady over 6 days of screening, Ferrari saw other group favourites, significantly Red Bull and Mercedes. (Result: Bahrain Formula 1 Test 2022)

Red Bull and Mercedes lead: Here’s how you take a look at Ferrari’s existing balance of power



” For us, the 6 days have actually been favorable since we’ve been driving and have actually discovered a lot about the automobile. We’ve gathered a great deal of information and we’ve compared it with our wind tunnel in Maranello and The information gotten in the simulator were compared. That was our primary objective and we have actually accomplished it,” Ferrari group manager Mattia Binotto stated after finishing the Bahrain test of “Sky”.

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” But efficiencies are tough to evaluate,” alerted Binotto, including: “I still believe both Red Bull and Mercedes need to be at the top. They are the ones who won the world title in 2015. They have actually been strong groups in the past.”

” At the end of in 2015, they had a 2nd benefit [auf Ferrari], Binotto advised and appeared to conclude: “For me, there is no reason that they ought to no longer be favourites. For me, they are my preferred. “

Best time Red Bull: Mercedes just No. 3?

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Best time Red Bull: Mercedes only No. 3?

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In Saturday’s remarks, the Ferrari group employer neglected the truth that the technical guidelines have actually altered significantly in the 2021/22 Formula 1 winter season, with a totally various vehicle to be driven this year than in2021 Rather, he attempted to discuss that Ferrari was gradually making its method to the top.

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” I believe at Ferrari we must a minimum of attempt to play. We ought to be as close as possible. Like I stated, efficiency is tough to judge. I can just hope that in the end all of us succeed and get close.”

Mattia Binotto

Ferrari manager Mattia Binotto attempts not to set expectations expensive



In 2019, Scuderia Ferrari was 2nd in the fitters’ champion, behind world champ Mercedes. Binotto stated: “2017 was a great season for us. 2018 was likewise an excellent season. 2020 was an extremely tough season for us and 2021 [ vom Reglement her] frozen. “

Looking ahead to the season opener in Bahrain next weekend, the Ferrari employer stated: “There is still a lot to do. The season is long. Bahrain is the very first race, however there are 22 or 21 races after that. I believe with the season How things unfold will be important. Let’s wait, let’s remain focused and attempt to look our finest.”

The Scuderia manager then stated with a little bit of self-confidence: “I think this group is a terrific group. They can carry out well and this year has actually revealed once again that we can resist. That’s it, what we concentrate on.”

” I hope we can have a great world title,” Binotto stated, not always discussing a world title, however the entire season. In this context, he likewise related to the 2 Ferrari motorists Leclerc and Sainz hitting it off and motivating each other as an essential element.

” They are great and skilled chauffeurs, all pursuing a common objective. The previous seasons have actually revealed that we comprehend each other. This group spirit is very important. Now let’s begin the brand-new season and enjoy it. I hope [Leclerc und Sainz] would like them too. “

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