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New What would you pick? BMW M1 wheels or possibly a hybrid Yaris?

The BMW M1 is a genuine legend. Over 450 systems, well-known driving qualities and the history of the only supercar from BMW to date. It is an uncommon and costly design with an abundant history, with costs increasing around PLN 2.5– 3 million (approx. EUR 600 thousand). The very first cars and truck developed by BMW M has a 277 hp 3.5-liter R6 engine in the middle of the area that drives the rear wheels through a five-speed ZF transmission with 40% “differential”. It is genuinely a display of engineering and style. The outside of the BMW M1 was developed by Giorgetto Giugiaro.

Meanwhile, somebody published a vehicle for this vehicle on eBay.

” BMW M1 wheel rims, uncommon, condition: reconditioned, cost: $18,700″

Seriously, 18 700 Euros for a vehicle. What kind! These are unique Campagnolo rims, solely for the BMW M1 and are really special. It’s a bit like the veggie cutting discs in a food mill.

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Campagnolo in those years (1978-1981) produced wheels for Formula 1 cars, in addition to magnesium rims for Alfa Romeo, Maserati, Ferrari and Lamborghini. It is a high quality item and really uncommon.

The ones in the auction likewise have initial tires Pirelli P7, size 205/55 VR15 front and 225/50 VR15 back It might work for collectors. I would never ever ride these tires once again.


If you wish to put these rims on another automobile, then this one bolt spacing is 5 ×120 And the rims themselves can be fixed, or a minimum of completely cleaned up.

However, I believe that they can offer themselves. I do not understand if any tuning business will choose to put wheels worth the customized automobile, however collectors, or a business restoring BMW M1, might be lured by these rims.

Considering the rate of the traditional, the rate of this set is not unexpected. On the other hand, it is still a set of wheels that you can purchase the Yaris pointed out in the Comfort variation. If we include the shipping expenses from Florida (consisting of VAT and Customs Duty) to Europe, we can quickly purchase the Executive variation.

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Although, these rims will never ever lose their worth once again– they are most likely a great sort of financial investment.

source: eBay


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