New What’s behind BMW’s record numbers– The Economy

At very first glimpse, it looks incredibly elegantly limited, something BMW is doing today. The Bavarian car manufacturer has actually ended the previous year with huge numbers: record sales (111 billion euros), 2.5 million BMW, Mini and Rolls-Royce cars practically back to pre-crisis levels, bottom line Profit: 12.5 billion euros– triple the previous year and an unmatched quantity. When the board around Oliver Zipse was welcomed to this Wednesday’s yearly conference, the word “record” didn’t come up. Even when asked really particularly, CFO Nicolas Peter kept a low profile, stating they were “thinking about sustainability” and had “strong monetary strength.”

What’s going on in the four-cylinder engine that BMW HQ is called due to the fact that of its architecture? In a couple of days, you may see what an excellent year it will be for Elon Musk to open the Tesla factory in Brandenburg. It will state: Giga, although absolutely nothing has actually been produced.

Munich has actually constantly cultivated a various design. Shipment is much better than stating that huge is the main facility. In regards to sales numbers, it did work– other auto business were struck harder by the semiconductor crisis. Just BMW, Tesla and Toyota made it through the crisis properly, other producers needed to cut production by 20% and even 30%. At BMW, that’s since sourcing is positive, even hard competitors state: They pay unique attention to about a hundred “most vital parts,” consisting of computer system chips, naturally, and see the semiconductor crisis earlier than anybody else The looming. Likely due to the fact that of the distance of this level of company to trade tricks, Oliver Zipse concentrated on a 2nd aspect at the yearly conference: Almost half of the standard chemical components are developed into semiconductors. “It constantly begins with basic materials,” he stated, as does electrical vehicle batteries. This is where BMW looks particularly carefully, in some cases purchasing them outright themselves. “That’s when you understand where the vulnerability is.”

But if you look somewhere else, you’ll see why they’re not cheering the BMW aloud, it’s more than elegant restraint. Peter stated the record revenue of 12 billion euros consisted of 7 billion euros in unique results, in part due to the fact that of the prospective turnaround of arrangements to permit possible cartel fines. Experts kept in mind that the strong yearly figures likewise masked lower shipments and sales in the 4th quarter of 2021 than in 2015.

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In 2021, the group will offer 100,000 pure electrical automobiles

Finally, there is the revenue margin, which is the ratio of revenue to sales. If the pre-tax outcomes are utilized as typical, BMW’s share of the pure vehicle company is 10.3%, so a EUR100,000 vehicle has a typical earnings of EUR10,300 still up in the air– in spite of the absence of a strong Chinese existence here. Audi handles 10.5%, despite the fact that Munich offers a number of hundred thousand more cars than Ingolstadt. Mercedes in turn made 12.4 percent. And Tesla has 12.1%– although its U.S. competitor just makes electrical cars. At BMW, it is stated that you can’t make much cash with this sort of powered automobile since the raw products, specifically the battery, are too costly. The Munich-based business offered 100,000 pure electrical automobiles in 2015, consisting of the very first i4 design, the brand-new electrical Mini and the SUV iX, which will be revealed on the day.

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But those deals came far too late, a minimum of according to auto expert Ferdinand Dudenh√∂ffer: BMW “remained too long on tricks like fuel cell drives or plug-in hybrids” and didn’t Enough for an all-electric automobile. Market professionals at the Automotive Research Center in Duisburg forecast that it will take 5 years for BMW to reach the almost 1 million pure electrical automobiles Tesla produced in 2015. His conclusion in this regard is that the record numbers are really rather frustrating.

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