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New Why getting in Formula 1 is a fantastic chance for Audi

Race at Spa-Francorchamps in Belgium

In the future, the racing circuit will significantly change to electrical cars and truck innovation.

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Munich Motorsport in basic and Formula 1 in specific remain in focus the other day. It appears like eco-friendly insanity to drive in circles at more than 300 kilometers per hour and with a typical usage of 40 to 50 liters.

At very first look, Audi’s statement that it would get in the racing circuit from 2026 is rather suspicious. Others are currently discussing the practically extraordinary choice. On 2nd glimpse, nevertheless, Ingolstadt’s devotion makes good sense.

First, there is the financial part. Because in 2015, the 10 groups taking part in Formula 1 have actually needed to stick to a budget plan limitation. This was the last for 140 million dollars a year. The monetary threat for individuals is very little. At the very same time, the marketing worth that can be accomplished boosts.

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The race circuit now reaches almost 50 million individuals through Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. The development here is fantastic. Mercedes-Benz alone puts its media worth from Formula 1 at over one billion euros.

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In addition: For the very first time in years, the racing series just recently taped more television audiences. About 445 million individuals viewed a minimum of among the 23 Grand Prix in 2015. Audi can utilize Formula 1 as a low-cost marketing platform.

Formula 1 as Audi’s test laboratory

At the very same time, the VW subsidiary’s racing series works as a sort of lab for screening artificial fuels and brand-new high-efficiency drives. In Formula 1, practically the last half will quickly need to be electrical.

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Since electrical motors have actually long been a separating consider the everyday service of vehicle makers, Audi can wish to comprehend the worth and redefine the race. System 1 likewise has to alter the weather condition at some point– otherwise you’ll be dead.

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