New Will Lamborghini resume production of the Aventador? All since of Felicity Ace’s fire

Lamborghini formally terminated the Aventador in 2015. The issue is that the last pieces of the cars and truck went to the ship Felicity Ace, which has actually been burning the coast of Portugal for numerous days.

Felicity Ace cruised from Emden in Germany and was expected to cruise to Davisville in the United States on February23 When it was about 100 miles from the Azores, it captured fire. The team of 22 were securely left. Half of them were gotten by a close-by ship, and the rest were gotten from lifeboats and helicopters.

However, there is no opportunity to conserve important travel. There are 3,965 cars on board. These consist of 1100 Porsches, 189 Bentleys and an unidentified variety of Lamborghini designs.

The last pieces of the Lamborghini Aventador are on the intense Felicity Ace. The Italians formally stopped production of the design in 2015, and the last copies were loaded into containers, which were to be sent out to the United States through the Felicity Ace.

The likelihood that any automobile on board will endure is close to no. At the very same time, clients are waiting on their cars and the Italian brand name should do whatever to please them.

Andrea Baldi, head of Lamborghini America in an interview with the website European Car News he confessed that if the fleet does not endure, Lamborghini will need to discover a method to resume production and satisfy orders interrupted by the pandemic:

There is no certainty at this moment, however you will need to handle the issue if it occurs. The vehicle is offered abroad. There is constantly the possibility that a person of the clients will resign. Still, I still choose to hope that a minimum of a couple of Aventators on board will be safe.


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